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Seminarserie der FOR 2743 "Mechanical Stress Protection"

Die Seminare werden zur Zeit aufgrund der Pandemie ausschließlich als interaktive Webinare mittels Zoom angeboten. 


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Research Unit 2743

"Mechanical Stress Protection"

Seminar Series



Thursday, 07.12.2023, 12.00 s.t.


as a Zoom webinar



Dr. Della David


Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK


"Strategies to mitigate age-dependent protein aggregation"



The seminar will be streamed as an interactive webinar through Zoom. The Zoom link will be provided to FOR members by separate mail. If you are interested to participate and not a FOR member, contact Jörg Höhfeld by mail ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]).



Please contact the host if you would like to talk to the speaker:



Prof. Jörg Höhfeld, Institut für Zellbiologie, 0228 735308, [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]